Your New Way to

What You Can Expect

Vision Design Process

A designer meets with you to understand your desires.  While on site, your designer assesses the work area and gathers information about the project.  Then, you visit our showroom to let us know specific choices for various products that will go into your design.

Your designer uses our specialty design program to layout your custom project using the specifications that you provide.

During a meeting you review and make inquiries regarding your vision design.  Your designer makes changes during the meeting so you can see your project vision come to life.

Improvement Products Selection

We will guide you through the product selection for your project vision.  Guyton’s Custom Designs has numerous product sources and Guyton’s Home Design Center has a vast array of product selections at your fingertips.   Your design professional will assist every step of the way during the selection process.

Vision Installation

Project scheduling can be complex but our administration team takes all project aspects into consideration to provide you with the greatest project experience as possible.  Guyton’s Custom Designs believes that timely and courteous communication is the key aspect for this experience.

When your dream is about to come to reality your professional installation team will make it happen.

Your professional, courteous installation team will install your vision before your eyes.  Now….your vision has become reality.