Custom Closets

Still dreaming of that perfect closet?

custom closets

How many times have you found yourself searching tirelessly through your closet for that pair of pants..that shirt..those shoes, the ones that you knew you had but can’t find because your closet is a disaster? So many have been there and dreamed of a closet that was suited better for them.


And the truth is, your closet can be so much more than it is right now. It can be a beautifully organized masterpiece. One that is designed to your exact needs.

When you rearrange your custom closet, hoping that everything will fit and look a little neater, you are just rearranging the same mess over and over. Your closet needs a makeover so that everything fits perfectly. 


When you think about custom closet spaces, it is important to not forget about your pantries. Those spaces can easily become overcrowded and unorganized as well. Nothing can delay your cooking time like digging around an overflowing mess of a pantry. But with everything in its place, prep and cooking will be a breeze!

custom closets

Having the right amount of storage, and the proper type of storage can make all the difference in your closets and pantries. No matter if you are looking for a closet or pantry customization, we can help you get your home organized.

Bring Your Imagination to Life!

Custom Closets

Think your closet is too small to be a beautifully organized space? Think again! There is no space that Guyton’s Custom Designs can’t transform. We can take any closet, small or large, and make it into the closet of your dreams.

What do you dream of when you open up your closet? Do you want wall-to-wall shelving for all your shoes so that you can see every pair and not have to search on the floor for them? Custom jewelry drawers so that each of your pieces can be meticulously laid out and never balled up again?

Whether you have a smaller area that you want to maximize to its fullest potential or a larger area that you want to reflect your personality, we can make your dream closet a reality. And when it comes to your pantries, the sky is the limit! We can customize your pantry to your every need. Whether you have a walk-in pantry or a closet pantry, we can help you create a system that works for you and your household.

If either of your areas are lacking the space that you need to make your dream design come true, we can expand the space for you within your home or with an addition. That’s the beauty of working with a general contractor.

Ready to make your dream custom closets and pantries a reality?

 The potential for what you can do with your spaces is endless. Let us bring your imagination to life today.

Why Trust Guyton’s Custom Designs with your Custom Closets?

We are a licensed general contractor #(CGC1530285) that is your one-stop-shop for custom renovations. There is no need to search for multiple companies to complete your dream home, Guyton does it all. 

You can rest easy knowing that you are not only working with a contractor that will bring your imagination to life but one that is providing you with the best quality materials from custom kitchen cabinets to custom designed doors to welcome friends and family into your home. Your home renovation will be quality from the ground up. 

But no home is complete without the perfect statement pieces. We can provide you with custom-designed, quality furniture that will make your home truly unique and completely you.

Guyton® Industries a Brand you can Trust!

Guyton’s Custom Design is now part of the Guyton Industries brand. Combining custom cabinetry with GUYTON® Cabinetry, custom furniture with GUYTON® Furniture, and a wide range of interior design products to help design your dream home with GUYTON® Depot. Guyton® Industries is a one-stop shop for designing and enjoying your custom home.

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