Custom Home Additions


Have you ever felt like you have outgrown your home? Like you need more space than what you have, but you love the home that you are in? Then a custom home addition may be just what you need! 

Guyton’s Custom Designs can help you design your home around your needs. If you need a larger kitchen to suit your culinary needs, we can build you the kitchen of your dreams. No more bumping into corners of cabinets as you thrill your family with your culinary creations. 

The possibilities of custom home additions are endless. Whether you need more living space, more rooms for a growing family, or even more space for storage, we are here to help make your home addition dreams come true. 

We know that you love your home, but sometimes you just need more out of it. But, people often think that their only option when they need more square footage is to move out of their home. But we are here to change that idea. You can fall in love with a bigger, better version of your home all over again, with a custom home additions. 

Bring Your Imagination to Life!

No custom home addition dream is too grand for Guyton’s Custom Designs. We want you to be living in the home of your dreams, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box. We encourage our clients to dream big!

home additions

Have you been dreaming of soaking in a full-length tub while watching the beautiful embers of a fireplace dance in front of you, but thought that was just something possible in movies? Dream no longer, we can make it happen. 

Do you have visions of the perfect kitchen where each of your cabinets is perfectly designed to fit your space and your items? Dream of a kitchen where you no longer have to fit your items into your cabinets like you are playing a game of Tetris? That isn’t a dream, that is a perfectly designed kitchen by Guyton’s Custom Designs, where each and every cabinet is designed to your specifications. 

Anything you can imagine for your home addition, we can accomplish.

We are experts in unique builds for our customers. Your next dream design can become a reality, what are you waiting for? Let us bring your imagination to life.

Why Trust Guyton’s Custom Designs with your Custom Home Additions?

We are a licensed general contractor #(CGC1530285) that is your one-stop-shop for custom renovations. There is no need to search for multiple companies to complete your dream home, Guyton does it all. 

You can rest easy knowing that you are not only working with a contractor that will bring your imagination to life but one that is providing you with the best quality materials from custom kitchen cabinets to custom designed doors to welcome friends and family into your home. Your home renovation will be quality from the ground up. 

But no home is complete without the perfect statement pieces. We can provide you with custom-designed, quality furniture that will make your home truly unique and completely you.

Guyton® Industries a Brand you can Trust!

Guyton’s Custom Design is now part of the Guyton Industries brand. Combining custom cabinetry with GUYTON® Cabinetry, custom furniture with GUYTON® Furniture, and a wide range of interior design products to help design your dream home with GUYTON® Depot. Guyton® Industries is a one-stop shop for designing and enjoying your custom home.

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