Guyton’s Custom Designs, Inc. will help you make your dream kitchen into a reality. You can choose from stock or custom kitchen cabinets.  We can arrange to have your kitchen cabinets repaired, refaced or refinished for if you do not want to purchase new cabinets.  And….to top it off, countertops including marble, granite, Corian, Formica and wood counter tops can provide the finishing touch to your new kitchen.

During your design process we take into consideration that proper planning can save a lot of time and money.  We have seen many instances in which a kitchen is equipped with every gadget and appliance to satisfy the most demanding gourmet cooks, later to find that there is a lack of space or items are not easily accessible and do not get used.  “Out of sight, out of mind” is a truism to remember in the kitchen.

When designing a kitchen several important considerations need to be addressed: family size, budget, kitchen space and how much storage is available and needed. Guyton’s Custom Designs takes all of these factors into consideration while designing your vision.

Cabinet Hinges

When it comes to cabinetry, no component is more important than your hinge. Choosing the correct hinge for your application determines both the look and function of your cabinetry.

Knobs and Pulls

When remodeling or decorating your kitchen, picking out the perfect hardware is like picking out the perfect jewelry for your dress or suit. Knobs and pulls can take any cabinet and add color and style to suit your personal taste. With thousands of great styles and finishes to choose from it is easy to add the perfect finishing touch to any project.

Drawer Slides (glides)

Guyton’s Custom Designs, Inc. offers a huge selection of drawer slides from  the top manufacturers. We make choosing the correct slide for your application simple with our filter system. With a couple of clicks you can narrow down your selection by product type and load capacity to the perfect slide for your application. From under mount to customized woodwork, we have or will make exactly what you need to complete your kitchen cabinetry project.

Kitchen Organizers

Maximize efficiency in any room with this great selection of products designed to increase your existing storage space and keep everything organized. From trash container systems to pull -out closet baskets, we have the right product to meet and solve your storage issues. With top brands that include: Rev-A-Shelf, Knape & Vogt, Hafele and Omega National products, you are sure to get the quality you desire.

Lighting for Cabinets

Once overlooked in kitchens, under cabinet lighting has gone from an option to a necessity. Cabinet lighting increases the aesthetic value, sets the right mood and provides necessary task lighting for your daily work. With a properly lit kitchen or kitchen countertop, you can distinguish sugar from salt with ease. Under cabinet lighting makes your cabinetry the focal point in your kitchen. Lighting makes a dramatic difference in any room that is installed in. What kind of lighting and how you use it are up to you. The design possibilities are nearly endless and Guyton’s Custom Designs, Inc. will provide suggestions and many choices.